Last year I had a great opportunity to shoot this wedding with an amazing photographer Nima Salimi. It was held at a fabulous outdoors venue in Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen, Sonoma, CA.

As we all know Jack London loved having many guests and being around them, so he built here his ranch, a cottage, a winery and many other things to accommodate and welcome as many guests as possible. The territory is huge indeed and I can only imagine how many people were coming here in the past.

Right now it’s an amazing place for outdoor weddings. The winery ruins give you a plenty of space for all the tables, a dance floor etc. You can see the sun setting right behind the ruins giving you the most of the great California light for awesome photos.

I highly suggest visiting the place. It’s just filled with creative vibes. And it’s especially great to be here knowing how much Jack London did and accomplished during his life.

LOCATION  Glen Ellen, CA  |  VENUE  Jack London State Park

PLANNING  Elsa Vera Productions  |  CAKE  Christina Marie

HAIR  Brush Salon  |  RENTALS  Wine Country Party & Events